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  1. Hello lads, i know these Static meshes allready as i’ve been contacting the creator of all of these ones on another site, and it works perfectly for the UDK, no wonder, you can take it. Works as a static mesh and also as an amiated mesh. Just really cool job, and a really cool attitude from the owner of it that allows everyone to use it. Thx again mate, your work is really nice.


  2. Unable to load (01.14.12) Are these version sensitive?
    \UPK Packages\PKG_Nobiax_Meshes_01\PKG_Nobiax_Meshes_01.upk)
    PackageVersion 849,
    MaxExpected 832 :
    LicenseePackageVersion 0,
    MaxExpected 0

  3. This is free domain right? I can publish things with the meshes in them? I will give complete credit to the maker.

    • First of all obviously the artist of the resource:
      Nobiax: or this other account on (yughues) or (yughues)

      Further on you can if you like mention that you got the packs via

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