NobiaxTexture Pack 0166 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 0271 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 03114 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 0485 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
AGF81Texture Pack 0589 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 06143 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 0725 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 08110 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 0999 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 10126 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 1184 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 1287 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 13144 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire
NobiaxTexture Pack 1488 MBUDKResourcesMediaFire


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Materials — 36 Comments

  1. Thanks so much man, awesome of you to offer this great stuff for free. Making it really easy for a newcomer to break into level design.

  2. Thank you very much for making these materials (and making them available for free.) Some of them look especially useful.

  3. Thanks a lot for these, I just started out yesterday with level designing. If I use these and releases something I will obviously give you credit for this. But is there something else I should do?

  4. Excellent! Found Nobiax’s stuff on DeviantART and was going to make it ready for UDK but now I don’t have to.

    Big thanks guys!

  5. Has anyone had any problems with the materials?

    I have attached a spotlight movable component to my pawn as a flashlight and from a certain angle the light gets obstructed by something.

    Some clarifications:
    – The pawn is standing on a brush with the material added onto it
    – The brush is inside a LightmassImportanceVolume
    – There are no objects obstructing the light
    – I’ve applied a material that comes with UDK onto the brush as well and it does not give this weird lighting issue from any angle

    Pictures detailing the issue:

    The problem is shown in the first image. As you can see the light reaches much further on the other images. On the last one you can see the end of the geometry but that’s not important; the light clearly reaches further than on the first image.

    • Yes, all assets are free to use for non-comercial and even for commercial use.


      You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

      So absolutely free to use or to modify in any kind of work (personal, commercial or else) =)

      More details can be found in the readme.txt .
      Please consider to mention the creators in your credits.

  6. Hi, I downloaded texture pack 6 and followed your instructions for installing, but it had a bit of error.”Can’t find file for package ‘Envy_Effects’ while loading” – Is that important to the use of the materials? If so, where can I locate this file?
    Thanks 🙂

    • All textures packs are independent. Independent of each other and of other packages already included in the UDK like the Envy_Effects pack. Normally the Envy_Effects.upk is located in “E:\UDK-2009-11\UDKGame\Content\Effects\Envy_Effects.upk” or in “E:\UDK-2013-02\UDKGame\Content\UT3\Effects\Envy_Effects.upk” depending on the UDK version you’re using. So the pack should work fine but you might reinstall your UDK without deleting any user created content or you ask someone if he/she can send you the pack for itself.

      • Are they all both or are some of them textures and some of them materials? I am a total beginner to 3d game level design and decided to start with UDK so please excuse me if I ask or say something stupid. 🙂

        • No problem, everyone started small. 😉

          It’s simple: All textures you see on the pictures are in the corresponding package.
          As the UnrealEngine uses the shader on the video-card to paint the 3d models the textures has to be materials so the video-card accepts them.

          That’s why the packs include the textures as raw-component and the materials for the rendering in the scenery/level.

          • Thanks. I did what the ReadMe told me to do (put it into the game content and then start UDK then press fully load) but it still says that there is nothing there. What do I do?

  7. Oops. now I really feel like a noob. I left “grass” in the search bar. Every thing is there. never mind my above post.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you — so much.

    This is AMAZING. The textures are just incredible, and the material creation work is outstanding.

    Impressive job!

  9. Hey there. I recently stumbled across this great resource by accident while looking for materials to learn from while I was doing a course for game design and wonder if there is a way to get the entire pack in *.tga form so I can use them for 3DS Max as well?

    Also thank you for such a comprehensive texture library and if I end up using any for my game projects later on I will DEFINITELY make sure your credited appropriately.

    • I forgot to ask for the diffuse and normals. Height and specular arent quite so important at this point in time. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi,
      I packed the file into the upk-files to make it easy to access for UDK user that’s why there aren’t any raw textures files (jpg,png,tga,etc) in the packages.

      But you can download the raw texture files by visiting their deviantart site: Nobiax or AFG81

  10. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to the UDK leveleditor public who has no experience or desire making material or static meshes. I’m currently using your materials / textures / static meshes for use a free game called Renegade-X. Creating a new gamemode and need some new maps. I have a feeling the Castle objects will come in handy. All credit will go to you, brother! I just like building shit. 🙂

  11. Great materials and textures! Using them currently on multiple levels that have not been finished yet. I will spread the word about your website!

  12. Hello guys, first of all thanks a lot for your hard work and for sharing it for free with the whole world.
    Now my question: I’m new in UDK (got it yesterday) and I just downloaded your pack 08 because I needed a ground material to make a garden, but those are textures, not material, so how can I use those images as a material for my objects? Thanks a lot in advance!

    • Every “Texture”-Pack contains materials.
      Notice that the materials have a GREEN outline and the textures a RED outline.
      Otherwise you might check your filters or the selected folder in the content browser.

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