How normal can tangent-space NormalMaps be?

Not normal at all. Each program might handle the data that is baked into the NormalMap differently.


After a long research I found the right values and constraints:
The direction of the Y Rays is down to up
while the directions of the X Rays is right to left.


Notice that if you mirror the normal map you might have to mirror the other textures as well. You can download each texture by Nobiax by visiting his deviantArt gallery.

To shorten the process to fill out all those values you can preset them during the import dialog.


Since I’m the creation process of creating the modular castle build set it’ll take a while until I’ve updated all packages.

Thank you for the feedback.


How normal can tangent-space NormalMaps be? — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for such a useful post! I’ve spent SO much time on normal maps in UDK and never got out satisfied. Thank you.

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